Feeding cows a mixture of seaweed and rape reduce methane emission

Adding a mixture of fermented seaweed and rape to the feed of cows can reduce the methane emitted by cows farting and burping by 15-25% without reducing the milk production of the cows.

The very promising news come from experiments carried out by MAB4 participants professor Mette Olaf Nielsen from Copenhagen University and founder and CEO Jens Legarth from the feed production company Fermentationexperts.

The fermented product reduces gas production inside the cows. Methane emitted from cows represents a large proportion of greenhouse gases emitted from agricultural production and therefor the new results are very important for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly cattle and milk production.

Professor Mette Olaf Nielsen presented the results at a conference held by SEGES in Denmark.You can find Mettes presentation here and a short review of seaweed in feed here.